Dear Friends:

Thank you for visiting our web site today. We are glad you are here and hope you return soon and often as our hope is to keep this site updated, newsworthy, relevant and pertinent.

If you walk into the Food Pantry at St. Thomas More, St. Luke, St. Francis Xavier or Holy Name on the morning of one of the distribution days, you will find teams of extraordinary people – volunteers sorting, stacking and bagging groceries in anticipation of the arrival of our clients.

A short time later, those clients arrive and you can tell a lot from the looks on their faces. The first look is, of course, anticipation – making sure the Pantry is open, that there is enough to go around this time. These are good folks, people like you and me, who just need a little extra help. And they get it, thanks to St. Thomas More, St. Luke, St. Francis Xavier and Holy Name – and thanks to you.

They leave a short time later, and this time the look on their face is one of gratitude, of making it another day in the capital of the greatest country on earth, where the minimum wage is antiquated and the social service system faltering. After they leave, the once stocked shelves look empty, but our Foundation will be ready with reinforcements. The most important thing is that everyone who asked was served, and that was not always the case. You see, the demand far exceeded the supply before the John S. Mulholland Foundation began, but thanks to you and other generous supporters and donors, everyone is now served, no one is ever turned away.

That is where you and I come in. You would be amazed at how far a few cans of food and a few dollars can go. We simply collect can and boxed non-perishable food and deliver them to the pantry. And with the money we collect, we are able to buy perishable foods like fresh produce, milk and eggs, meal and poultry, which most pantries do not offer.

My Dad would be a little embarrassed that he is getting so much attention! But I think he would also be humbled and grateful that his name is being used for so much good – that tonight, perhaps someone in our Nation’s Capital will enjoy a meal they might not have had if someone like you had not contributed to the Foundation that bears his name.

And so, we ask for your continued help. Small gifts from a lot of people mean we are reaching more people who care. You can help by making an ongoing, year round commitment of a few cans and a few dollars, since the need knows no holidays.

Thank you and God love you,



Brian M. Mulholland
Chairman and President