Currently, the Foundation serves Outreach Pantries at St. Thomas More Church on 4th Street, St. Luke on East Capitol Street and St. Francis Xavier Church on Pennsylvania Avenue in Southeast Washington and Holy Name Church on 11th Street in Northeast Washington.


Rick, Who we serve, crop less identifiable buildingThese four Churches do a herculean job of serving the hungry poor, regardless of race or religion or station. St. Francis Xavier and St. Luke merely requires residency in Ward 7 and Holy Name requires residency within the neighborhood, which encompasses portions of Wards 5 and 6. St. Thomas More, in ward 8, serves all in that ward. We are proud to serve 4 of the 8 wards in the District.


The Outreach Pantries serve hundreds of families, but the need far exceeds the supply and many must be turned away or under served. The John S. Mulholland Family Foundation, Inc. was founded to augment the Pantries by seeking donations of canned and packaged foods from throughout the region – from churches, schools, corporations, clubs and civic organizations – and monetary donations to provide perishable foods, such as poultry, meat, dairy and produce, currently not offered or done in small supply.


For Rick, love this photoThe Foundation is not affiliated with any religion or organization. Our mission is simply to assist those already doing God’s work within a stone’s throw from the U.S. Capitol – to ensure that no child goes to bed hungry in the greatest city in the world, that no family is left in need, that no call is left unanswered.


These neighborhoods in our Nation’s Capital have nearly twice the poverty rate and hunger rate of the U.S. National averages. These are good families, some multi-generational, living on an antiquated minimum wage and a suffering social service system. The three churches that are meeting the call need our help to accomplish their mission – and we are committed to being there for them.